Our vision

As we start to learn to code and not often have enough money to purchase paid courses, we mostly like to go for the free available sources, which exist a lot, but are way too much spread all over the internet. Our idea is to turn that around and create a place where all the new & the more advanced developers or designers can come around and get all that information in one place!
The undercode project is open-source, open to all developers who wish to contribute and help grow the technology ecosystem.
With that said, we are an Open Source community; creating and giving.

The undercode team ☕

Learn to Code

With our resources list anyone will be able to search what they need to learn & improve their desired skills!

Learn UI/UX

The foundation of a well laid out website or sofware is good design. Learn to design rich user experience and user interface

Meet Fellow Learners

With complete access to all courses available to surf through, there would be no sense to not have a peer to peer system where you can ask questions and build world class projects together with friends.
Join our community at Discord.

Get Updates

Updates in the tech ecosystem are vital. Learn what's new, outdated and secure your application.


Yes, you read that right! Practice, practice, practice. The best developers practice to become world class.

Become worldclass

At the last phase of your journey, you certainly want a fulltime job, remote or freelance. Being world class gives you an edge in the industry and that is what we'll prepare for throughout this course you've decided to take in your life.

Thank you.

We would like to say thank you to all the persons who did this amazing resources which are listed on our page!
Please share some love with them as well for creating such amazing free content!