The Pioneers Show

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  • 01: Talking CyberSecurity with Shikhil Sharma

  • 02: Lasha Antadze After Pioneers

  • 03: Talking Blockchain and Democracy with Sam Williams

  • 04: Talking Blockchain & Conflict Minerals with Nathan Williams

  • 05: Talking Serial Entrepreneurship and Printing with Marcin Ratajczak

  • 06: Talking Recruiting and Blockchain with Felipe Stark

  • 07: Talking Internet Usage and Investment Types with Oliver Sauter

  • 08: Talking VR and Digital Healthcare with Valentino Megale

  • 09: Talking Personal Marketing with Pranav Ahuja

  • 10: Talking Social Media and Paying it Forward with Jag Singh

  • 11: Talking VR and Mental Rehabilitation with Barbara Stegmann

  • 12: Talking Retail Tech and Design with Sara Ahmadi

  • 13: Talking Personal Development and Holacracy with Nicklas Teicke

  • 14: Talking LinkedIn and Transferable Skills with Ariana Thacker

  • 15: Talking Solving Own Problems and Maker Movement with Raman Shalupau

  • 16: Talking Business Strategy with Best Selling Author Guenter Faltin

  • 17: Talking GitHub with Scott Chacon Pt1

  • 18: Talking Language Learning with Scott Chacon Pt2

  • 19: Talking Augmented Creativity with Markus Düttmann

  • 20: Talking LinkedIn and Law of Attraction with Roshni Chellani

  • 21: Talking about Programming and Learning To Code with Elena Kolevska

  • 22: Talking Creativity and Lighting Tech with Sebastian Mealla

  • 23: Talking Skill Learning and HR Tech with Max Bauermeister

  • 24: Talking Education, Coding and Career Shifts with Stefan Mischook

  • 25: Talking Internet of Moving Things with Joao Barros

  • 26: Talking Relationship Building and Education with Catherin

  • 27: Talking Future of Technology and Cryptography with Elad V

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