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Find any resource from all over the internet in Frontend, Backend, Fullstack web development and UI/UX web design.

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HTML - The Net Ninja

Net Ninja HTML (fresher)

Learn HTML5 by building your own website in less than an hour!

Learn Sass - Dev Ed

Learn Sass (CSS Preprocessor)

In this mini crash course we are going to learn everything about Sass.

UI/UX Tutorial - Antony Conboy

UI/UX Design

This video will give you a confident understanding of UX.

JSES6 - The Net Ninja

JavaScript (advanced)

In this ecmascript 6 tutorial, I'll be introducing you to ES6, join in!

CS50 by Harvard

CS50 by Harvard

CS50 by Harvard - Enroll the best CS course in the world!

Machine Learning - Geek's Lesson

Machine Learning Course

Machine Learning fast-paced, practical introduction to machine learning.

"See talents instead of refugees"

Isabelle Kohncke

REDI School, Berlin

Isabelle Kohncke